GPOP Persönlichkeitsanalyse

GPOP - Golden Profiler of Personality

Who am I and how many? Those who know their potential, inclinations and talents and use them correctly for their professional careers will become more successful and happier in life. The potential analysis "Golden Profiler of Personality", or GPOP for short, serves as an instrument for self-assessment. It makes you aware of your inclinations and how you can use them for your own career and life planning. In addition, it supports the assessment of other people based on empirical observations. It was developed for the German language and cultural area by R. Bents & R. Blank as an extended form of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and represents the most frequently used potential analysis worldwide. (The GPOP is free of charge and will be supported by MLP Finanzberatung SE.)



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